Zach Ruffo grew up in Lake City Florida since age 3. At age 20, Zach found a passion for the SpeedBag, and he was discovered by Everlast and became the first ever SpeedBag sponsored athlete. He also helped create the annual SpeedBag gatherings. At age 25, he came across a new and upcoming sport known as street-workout where he started iMuscleUp as an original calisthenics team, and further developed it into a action sports brand with Rich Royster, with aim to build people’s confidence and motivation towards being more active. Zach is a husband to Kara Ruffo and father to two amazing children, Olivia and Maximus, and spends most of his free time building the MuscleUp_Compound and practicing freestyle calisthenics.


Rich Royster grew up in a christian home in Florida with parents who own a small storage business and construction business. Rich was put on a dirtbike at 4 years old and by the time he graduated high school, he was jumping and flipping them professionally with a freestyle motocross team. Rich met Zach Ruffo in 2012 and together, they re-branded iMuscleUp with the aim to create leaders who inspire people to #JustGetMoving! Besides being a pharmacist full time, Rich spends his free time developing his abilities in parkour and free-running alongside calisthenics, adventures with his Wife Beth Royster, and leads a small group of 10th graders at a local church. #GivingBack


Cory Serrata began his calisthenics journey in 2016 after being inspired by multiple individuals on youtube. His biggest goal in life is to spread the holistic fitness lifestyle to as many people as he can. He encourages the inspired to follow the same path of spreading motivation and determination to the masses.


Michael Cuevas is a Michigan state trooper. Prior to being in law enforcement, he used to practice calisthenics competitively from 2015-2017. He plans on competing again in 2019, in hopes of spreading the iMuscleUp mission even further, as well as the bodyweight fitness movement!


Former bodybuilder Bradley Luke was born in Lake City Florida. Living an active childhood, he played a variety of sports. Almost two years after breaking his leg before a bodybuilding competition along with gaining 40 pounds, he fell in love with calisthenics, and joined the iMuscleUp team to #JustGetMoving.


Ava Wilkosz is the only iMuscleUp athlete that primarily trains for the sport of bodybuilding. She is from Lake City, Florida, and currently competes as a physique athlete.



Zach Holtkamp is a United States Navy veteran from Saint Louis, Missouri. New to calisthenics as a sport, he is very passionate to push his body to its limits. Zach is married and a father to a 3 year old boy who already wants to start calisthenics.


John Llanera is a 29 year old super athlete born in the Philippines. He is a professional skateboarder, calisthenics athlete, surfer and American Ninja Warrior. He is always up for adventures, his inspiration in life is to always be a better person everyday, as well as drive others to spread positivity.


Waajid Muhammad (Waa-Muh) is a personal trainer and fitness instructor specializing in functional fitness movement. In June 2015, Waajid became a W.C.O. Level 1 & Level 2 certified instructor, and in August 2015, he made Semi-Finals at Battle of the Bars 9. He is currently the brand manager of iMuscleUp.



Anthony Scappatura was raised in Sarasota, Florida. He enjoys calisthenics because of the constant challenges and endless possibilities it brings. After seeing drastic changes in his physique, performance, and abilities of overall bodyweight domination, he decided to join iMuscleUp, surrounding himself with like-minded people.


Cade Hardin was raised in Evans, Georgia. Currently, he is the head trainer of AthElite Sports Academy at Impact Farm. His primary sport of choice is free-style calisthenics. He has played baseball his whole life and has competed in track throughout High School.


Damian Cox is originally from Sterling, Alaska. He really enjoys to hunt and fish, enjoy nature, always be on adventures and calisthenics. Developing as a leader, he spreads the iMuscleUp values of helping others get into fitness, achieving maximum wellness, and giving back to their communities.


Kalvyn Luzarraga is from Cape Coral, Florida. Being a very skilled skateboarder and wrestler, Kalvyn went on to adopt bodyweight training into his fitness routine. He now practices calisthenics wholeheartedly, but still makes time to skate around the city or work on different techniques for wrestling.


Jimmy Reed Jr. is from Warner Robins, Georgia. He is an amazing street workout athlete and decided to join the iMuscleUp crew after discovering our mission and our brand culture. He likes to train mostly freestyle calisthenics, but every once in a while he trains the basics to maintain his physique and fundamental strength.


Kelly Johns was raised in High Springs, Florida and he currently works as a full time paramedic. His primary sports of interest are swimming, biking, and running (for triathlons). He trains these sports for several hours a day either prior or after his work shifts.