Athlete Sponsorship

We at iMuscleUp want to spread the idea of movement across the world! To do this, we sponsor athletes from across the world and from various sports that will spread this idea, as well as the iMuscleUp brand. iMuscleUp wants to be the inspiration that will be the spark in the lives of others to #JustGetMoving.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsored athlete please do the following:

  1. Create a 2-3 minute professional highlight video of you and your talents.
    • Include yourself explaining your story (how you got to where you are now and why you think you can benefit our company and movement)
  2. Add links to all of your social media accounts
  3. Make sure to add your cell number and email so we can contact you back with a decision.
  4. Be patient, be patient, and be patient… please.

Finally, send this information to and one of the 6 brand managers will contact you in regards to a potential sponsorship.