About Us

Zach Ruffo and Rich Royster have set out with a vision to motivate the world and create leaders while doing so. After years and years of advertising ourselves and helping others motivate and inspire, it has burned a passion into our hearts to take this iMuscleUp movement and turn it into something greater that can help change the face of motivation. What iMuscleUp does for someone is it changes the way they view life and its obstacles, moving what was impossible to the possible, allowing nothing to stop your vision from becoming a reality. We hope and pray for three things. 

(1) We hope to help people realize what this brand has to offer them and help change and develop people into the leaders that they are capable of being.
(2) We hope to have a team of sponsored athletes in every sport pushing themselves past any self-imposed limits and becoming widely known for their passion and motivation, led by a group of world renowned brand managers who will be able to develop the leadership skills needed to create and inspire high achievers.
(3) We hope to have a line of clothing and products that make and keep people motivated in everything they do.


With your support we can and will make this dream into a reality. Start hashtagging #iMuscleUp and #JustGetMoving in the sports you love and visit our store full of items that may spark your journey forward towards all your goals and dreams.

Our History

  • 2009-2012


    Our Humble Beginnings

    Zach Ruffo visited a pull-up bar competition in Miami, came home and was inspired to create a calisthenics crew called the “iMuscleUp Crew”.

  • 2013


    A Strong Bond

    Zach met Rich Royster, who was about to start his graduate studies at the University of Florida as a student pharmacist, and they began to workout and develop a binding friendship over the next 6 months!

  • 2014


    A New Direction

    Plans began between Zach and Rich for re-aiming the crew towards a new direction. Zach hired Rich as vice president/co-owner and plans began to brew.

  • 2015



    Zach and Rich decided they wanted more for the team representing iMuscleUp and re-aimed direction from a calisthenics crew to all-sports team and sports apparel brand.

    In August, Zach and Rich registered “iMuscleUp LLC” as a company and contracted 50 different sports athletes across the world as “iMuscleUp Sponsored Athletes” for the 12 month 2015/2016 period. Athletes from different sports and lifestyles all were brought together by 5 common values, a mission to develop leaders, and a vision to create a spark that inspires you to #JustGetMoving

  • 2016


    Continual Growth

    This August marks our one year anniversary as a sports apparel and action sports team.
    As the 1st year of contracted athletes were dismissed in August, the company added on 7 brand managers, each with their own team of athletes to develop, and a brand marketer who heads up the subscription list and development of iMuscleUp.com.

    Those most dedicated from the previous contract period and a new team of athletes who applied and made a spot on one of the brand manager teams, started the 2016/2017 contract period.

    A brand new line of apparel was launched, beginner-advanced calisthenic workouts and calisthenic construction instructional videos are being produced, and custom calisthenic workout equipment is in the making only at iMuscleUp.com.

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